Simple Steganography Using Processing

One interesting way to use arrays and nested for loops with students is to show them how to hide textual messages inside image data. Before showing them steganography, I'd recommend some time doing basic image filters, in order to increase their understanding of how image pixels are stored in an array. Then we can create a simple means of encoding a message into an image, using the RGB values of the image's pixels.

Structure of my Computer Science Classes

I teach two high school computer science courses. Comp Sci 20 (grade 11) is usually the first time a student has programmed. Comp Sci 30 (grade 12) is their second course, in which we get to delve a bit deeper. This post describes the overall structure and resources used in each course, and a bit about why I choose to teach it that way. I'll be adapting my structure to fit with the new curriculum that will soon be implemented in Saskatchewan, but I'm hoping to stick with something quite similar.